Testing and QA

Software Quality Control Services

A vital component of the entire game development process is software testing, encompassing various stages such as reviewing and testing of technical documentation, user acceptance testing, support for gaming platforms, and more.

Evoplay QA team

Our clients can assemble their own offshore team of qualified game developers and engineers. All essential equipment, including both hardware and software needed for game development, is provided.
Reasons to work with Evoplay QA team:
  • An independent audit of the game development services needs to be conducted.
  • Occurs that technical support of a completed project have some errors
  • It is necessary to increase the overall profitability of the business.
  • A dedicated QA team is required for an onsite or nearshore software development process.
  • The primary objective for our clients is to gain access to a distinct experience, specific testing platforms, and software licenses.
  • There are additional client-specific needs.

Key benefits

We offer distinct advantages to clients partnering with our Evoplay QA team.
  • All Evoplay QA team members are fluent in English.
  • Our clients have the autonomy to select their preferred Evoplay QA team. They can review CVs of software testers with the necessary skill sets, conduct personal interviews, and administer relevant tests.
  • We make every effort to align our operational hours with the client’s business timeline.
  • Hiring the Evoplay QA team is cost-effective, at just 10% of European software quality assurance expenses.
  • Clients have the flexibility to scale up or downsize the selected QA team as required.
  • Clients retain comprehensive oversight of all tasks performed by the QA team and all management decisions.

Customer-oriented solutions

Evoplay is a highly qualified company focusing on the various needs of clients within the gaming industry. We execute all projects and tasks with the highest quality standards, within budget, and always on time.

Our experience in applying exploratory and ad-hoc testing within game development is commendable. Creating tests during the game testing execution is feasible with our methods. Though these technologies carry some risk, they enable us to launch a finished product to the market earlier than typically expected. If a client lacks some of the necessary prerequisites, Evoplay's team will assist and do everything necessary to ensure the game is released on schedule. We see ourselves as specialists whose primary role is to translate client's ideas about the desired game into technically feasible software requirements.

Skilled testers with experience in agile methodologies are available for those adopting lightweight development processes within the gaming industry.

Evoplay knows the optimal way to craft the process that will meet the specific needs of any gaming project.

Usability assessment
To develop a software product that is comprehensible, simple to learn, user-friendly, and appealing to users, usability testing must be carried out. Understanding the importance of a product's usability is crucial. We take all necessary measures to enhance the system's usability, thus making it attractive to end users. Evoplay offers comprehensive solutions to evaluate the usability of a client's software within the gaming industry. Our experienced specialists can provide complete recommendations on how to make the game or gaming platform more user-friendly.
Web applications testing
Today's gaming applications are far more advanced than simple games even a year ago, thanks to both front-end graphical user interfaces, which players interact with, and back-end software components that manage the underlying mechanics. Evoplay offers a comprehensive approach to product development within the gaming industry, emphasizing quality usability, functionality, reliability, efficiency, maintainability, and security.
Code inspection and review
Testing mobile games shares many similarities with testing web and stand-alone applications, but it also has some unique aspects that must be considered when selecting various techniques and tools for testing a mobile game.

To avoid issues with the game and ensure that it runs on a wide range of mobile devices, and that it functions well in various mobile browsers, we perform testing in accordance with platform-specific guidelines. Factors such as phone calls, interruptions, interactions with the SD card, network connections, and low battery can create challenges in the behavior of the developed game. Our team of testers conducts thorough evaluations to see how the game responds to these factors and provides detailed analyses about what exactly may cause any malfunctions within the game.
Mobile applications testing
Testing mobile apps does share similarities with testing web and standalone pages, but it also has its unique peculiarities that must be considered when a tester selects various techniques and tools for testing a mobile app.

To circumvent potential issues with an app and ensure that it will run on a broad spectrum of mobile devices, and that the associated website can be viewed across various mobile browsers, we adhere to platform-specific guidelines during testing.

Various factors, such as incoming phone calls, interruptions, SD card interactions, network connections, and low battery, can introduce complications in the behavior of the developed app. Our team of testers diligently examines how the app responds to these factors, performing all necessary actions to understand these interactions. Specialists provide a detailed analysis to pinpoint exactly what might cause the app's malfunctioning, ensuring that any issues are identified and addressed.