IT Consulting

Outsourcing consulting services

Evoplay employs a team of specialists who are adept at providing a diverse range of IT consulting services. Our primary areas of focus are engineering and IT support outsourcing services. We assist enterprises in maximizing the benefits of information technology.

Engineering consulting services

Evoplay undertakes all essential tasks related to a project, including planning, design, and cost estimation. The analysis and development of intricate IT systems, along with ongoing projects, are the primary focuses in our engineering consulting efforts.

IT performance improvement

Evoplay's IT consultants possess the qualifications to analyze clients' enterprise or individual projects, offering comprehensive technical assistance. This support enhances technical productivity, leading to increased efficiency in the technological process.

IT management consulting

Our portfolio demonstrates that Evoplay is a team grounded in techniques and practices that assist enterprises in organizing and managing their information technology infrastructure.

Information technology security consulting

Evoplay offers clients essential guidance on the optimal methods for designing and implementing security systems for specific software products and IT infrastructure.
Evoplay consulting team has extensive experience in offshore development outsourcing within the gaming industry and is skilled in providing consultancy for areas such as Game Intelligence, in-game e-commerce, and Gaming Platform development.

Our benefits in consultancY

Strong and dependable IT outsourcing Our team at Evoplay is made up of highly qualified professionals who work swiftly and efficiently. They specialize in offering top-notch engineering consulting services and outsourcing software production for the gaming industry.
Specific analysis and forecast Evoplay consulting team focuses on enhancing the effectiveness and maintainability of our clients’ products, specifically in the gaming sector, by undertaking meticulous research and analysis.
Quality and efficiency We deliver robust and premier IT consulting tailored to diverse projects within the gaming field. Adhering to the highest quality standards and prioritizing security, our consulting team ensures increased productivity and improvements across custom software systems and various services related to gaming technology.