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Evoplay is a company whose work is concentrated in the gaming industry, including game analytics, development of gaming platforms, creation of graphic engines, and other aspects related to the gaming field. We consider ourselves qualified professionals, capable of implementing any software solution for the gaming industry, taking into account all its components and specificities.

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Evoplay has extensive experience in game development and related areas within the gaming industry, such as analytics, development of gaming platforms, and creation of graphic engines. Our main specializations include design and development of various gaming solutions, integrated systems for gaming platforms, and custom software programming tailored to the unique requirements of the gaming sector. We also create and integrate mobile applications specifically for gaming. Programming on the basis of powerful gaming software systems is a central part of our services. We work on systems tailored to the unique and evolving needs of the gaming industry.

What we do

The main proposition to our clients in the gaming industry is a unique way of installing, supporting, and updating our gaming software, taking into account the specific needs and complexities of game development, platforms, and graphic engines. The work of our system administrators is centralized so that the amount of everyday tasks grows, but is still greatly simplified. All operations we perform are highly secure, and data safety and confidentiality are our main priorities within the gaming sector.
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We offer the following solutions tailored to the gaming industry:

  • Game Accounting Systems
  • Game Resource Planning (GRP)
  • Game Development Project Management
  • Player Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Gaming Platform Management
  • Game Sales Force Automation
  • Supply Chain Management for Game Distribution
  • Game Engine Development and Management
All solutions from Evoplay are designed to cater specifically to the gaming industry, providing effective optimization of the entire game development workflow. Our offerings are crafted to address the unique challenges and requirements of gaming organizations, ensuring that their specific needs are met.

We offer such game industry-focused solutions as:

  • High-performance and powerful gaming applications
  • Improved security for developed gaming solutions
  • Centralize and create effective control over your game development business
  • Reduction in inventory and overall costs for game creation and distribution
  • Increase in shareholder value through innovative game technologies
  • Solutions to all challenges in game development, enhancing productivity
  • Enhanced player experience and customer service through tailored game offerings
  • Personalized IT consulting for gaming companies